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Slippery Slope Sales Page Copywriting

Posted on 05/01/18 in all posts, copywriting, No Comments

Many of the solo professionals whom I coach are people who offer services. They’re coaches, consultants, creatives. And many of them are also beginning to sell information products on their Web sites. They’re smart to offer a lower-priced alternative to hiring them, and to sell a product that can gain them passive income. But here’s [...]

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Mystical Copywriting From The Far East

Posted on 04/30/18 in all posts, copywriting, No Comments

Been ruminating on this one for a little while now but it’s probably one of the most profound discoveries of my life. It all began with a little book about music and it’s had such a deep influence on my copywriting and small business, indeed my whole outlook on life, I’d like to share it [...]

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12 Crucial Points To Good Copy

Posted on 04/29/18 in all posts, copywriting, No Comments

You’re ready to launch that new product or promotion, & you’re really counting on a piece of advertising copy to come through for you. You’re looking for stellar results! And, you’re determined to do everything in your power to get them. Which means surveys, thorough testing, and ongoing refinement of your ad copy. Hold the [...]

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The Secrets Of Scarcity (soon to be removed…)

Posted on 04/28/18 in all posts, copywriting, No Comments

Countdown to Armageddon – at least you’d think so judging from some of the garish copy and blaring headlines screaming at you from so many websites. At the opposite extreme though, you’ve some sites which don’t even have a single decent headline anywhere that captures visitors attention, let alone leads them into captivating copywriting that’ll [...]

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The Biggest Copywriting Mistakes

Posted on 04/27/18 in all posts, copywriting, No Comments

Most of the sales pieces people ask me to rewrite seem to offer great products and services. In fact, some of their offers are so good, prospects would be crazy to turn them down. But they do. And these sales pieces end up falling in my lap because they’re desperately unproductive. One of the biggest [...]

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Long Versus Short Form Sales Letter

Posted on 04/26/18 in all posts, copywriting, No Comments

A passionate debate is currently raging in the copywriter Forums about long versus short copy. The debate was originally sparked by a comment a very well-known Fortune 500 “guru” made about Armand Morin’s I love it, because debate ignites passion, provides insights and shows some very interesting clues in the way people think — [...]

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Is Good Copy Really All About Words?

Posted on 04/25/18 in all posts, copywriting, No Comments

Copy is all about words. Or is it? Copy is about using words to describe the benefits of your offer. About using words to paint vivid mental imagery. About using words to stir the senses, press all the “hot buttons” and push the reader to take some kind of action. But is it really ALL [...]

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Force Them To Keep Reading!

Posted on 04/24/18 in all posts, copywriting, No Comments

A significant reason behind websites that fail is the lack of an effective direct response sales message. Such a message is comprised of three elements (it must be): Captivating (it captures the reader’s attention) Riveting (it pulls her into reading further) Engaging (it calls her to act) How can you incorporate those three vital elements? [...]

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Super-Charge Conversions In 3 Steps

Posted on 04/23/18 in all posts, copywriting, No Comments

When I critique, edit or rewrite sales copy, I discover that many clients commit common errors. Granted, not all of them are writers. But most of them fail to drive customer actions not because they lack writing skills but because they fail to look at their copy from their readers’ perspective. Although unintentional, they’re so [...]

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3 Secrets For Magnetizing Your Copy

Posted on 04/22/18 in all posts, copywriting, No Comments

The difference between good copy and great copy is the number of actions it generates. The more actions the copy drives, the greater the copy is. My friend John Reese, a master at simplifying what we often tend to unnecessarily complicate, says it best. He says the only metric you should ever really count on [...]

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