Copywriting Service

I like to keep things short, simple and honest…

The reason you are getting such a sweet deal… is because the good Doctor needs to establish a client base, and get testimonials. So…


…you can take advantage of the following insane offers:

FREE Sales Page Diagnosis

(Video voiceover assessment)

Shoot me an email with your sales page URL, and I will promptly make you a voiceover video (usually between 5 and 15 minutes lenght), where I diagnose and assess every main aspect of your landing page.

If you think my advice make sense, you can either fix it yourself (my Sales Page Systemâ„¢ might help you), or…

You can hire The Sales Page Doctor to do all the dirty work for you – without risking a single dime out of your pocket

That’s right, for the time being… ALL THE RISK IS ON ME… Here’s how it works…

Profit Boost Optimization

(100% RISK FREE)

1. Request a full makeover of your sales page (or other landing pages) via email.

2. Split test my new version against your old version.

3. If you decide to use my version, I charge a flat fee of $1,000 for the job (no matter how much better it converts).

4. If you decide to NOT use my version, I charge nothing at all (hence, 100% risk free).

Get in touch today, and we can start maximizing

your future profit immediately!

PS. I can, of course, also write you a sales page, squeeze page, video sales letter (or other landing pages) from scratch. Contact me with your project, and I will quote you a price…