On this page you’ll find a collection of feedback from previous clients I’ve worked with…

“Great Improvement!”

The Salespage Doctor offered to “IMPROVE” my sales page and I would pay only for actual improvement of conversions. At first I was kind of not convinced with the idea and thought that this must be the average writer that will be a waste of time…

Having nothing to lose, I gave it a try and I was surprised that his version of the sales letter yielded an improvement of around 35 % (!) over the original (From 3.1 % to 4.2 %) – which is a great improvement!

Coincidentally another writer did the same type of job on the sales page a few months back and he didn’t managed to improve the conversion rate, but rather he lowered it by almost 50 %…

The Salespage Doctor knows what he’s doing and I’m really impressed by his work. Either way, since you pay for results only there you have nothing to lose…

- Duke Peterson (from Vision Without Glasses)


“Fantastic Critique Of My Sales Page!”

What a Fantastic Critique of my sales page! To say that the video review is GOOD, is a gross Understatement.

To have such an expert in his field actually sit down and explain in great detail the pros and cons of my sales page is invaluable.

Bottom Line: Excellent Service that will Increase profits.

- ROBHILLMAN (Fiverr sales page diagnosis gig)